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$18,500.00 cnd

Boat Specs & Info

  • Length: 18 ft

  • Beam: 74 in

  • Draft: 2 ft

  • Design and Builder: Thornton Grenfell

  • Hull Type: Barrel back or Trumbull hull (home-built)

  • Materials:

    • Original: Yellow cedar

    • Restoration: Yellow cedar and West system

    • Hull: Replanked with yellow cedar and West system

  • Engine: Small block Chev 350 with recent manifolds; motor in as-new condition

  • History:

    • Many pictures available of the first and second rebuild

    • Owned since the late 80s

    • Kept in a garage

  • Condition:

    • Upholstery in excellent condition

    • Original cutwater and all stainless polished

  • Documentation: Original plans from Grenfell's shop foreman, received after Thornton Grenfell passed away

About Thornton Grenfell and Boatbuilding in British Columbia:

Thornton Grenfell was a renowned boatbuilder in British Columbia, known for his meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs. His expertise in wooden boat construction earned him a distinguished reputation in the maritime community. Grenfell's boats were celebrated for their elegant lines, durability, and superior performance on the water. The legacy of Grenfell's work is preserved in the many boats still cherished by their owners today.

Boatbuilding has a rich history in British Columbia, dating back to the early 20th century when skilled craftsmen began designing and constructing vessels that could navigate the diverse waters of the Pacific Northwest. The region's abundant natural resources, particularly high-quality timber like yellow cedar, provided the ideal materials for constructing sturdy and beautiful wooden boats. Over the years, British Columbia has become a hub for boatbuilding, with many notable builders like Thornton Grenfell contributing to its storied maritime heritage.

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