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The Clarks
The Clarks

Martyn Clark


With several certificates of competency from Transport Canada, including a 500-ton Master's, a Sailing Vessel Endorsement, and a Fishing Master's, Martyn brings unparalleled expertise to the helm. A graduate in Honours English Language and Literature from the University of Toronto, Martyn is not only an accomplished mariner but also a co-founder of the Canadian Sail Training Association. His impressive background includes roles as a past director of the American Sail Training Association and former executive director of both the S.A.L.T.S. Sail and Life Training Society of Victoria and the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. Martyn is the author of "Seamanship Under Sail," numerous travel and nautical articles, and a regular contributor to Pacific Yachting magazine.

Margaret Clark

Margaret is a veteran offshore sailor and HAM radio operator.  She holds a B.Sc. of Nursing from the University of Toronto.  For many years she was responsible for booking the S.A.L.T.S. fleet of sail training vessels and was first mate on the Pacific Swift´s maiden voyage to Australia.  A multi-tasker, Margaret has been at one time watch officer, cook, nurse, seamstress, knot-tying instructor and teacher.  She is the co-author of Pacific Yachting´s two-part series on varnishing and her interior upholstery and detailing aboard Passat contributed greatly to an award for the vessel at the Victoria Classic Boat Show in 2008. Margaret complements Martyn's skills with her own expertise, making them a dynamic duo in the maritime world. 

Boat in the Sea

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